Monday, 2 July 2018

Belgium - Day 5

On our last day in Belgium we went to the Atlantik Wall Museum, an open air museum which preserves fortifications of the Atlantic Wall dating from the First and Second World Wars. Students were guided around the site by two local Belgian guides. Students saw artillery, bunkers, uniforms, living quarters and even an Enigma machine.

We returned to School in the early evening, tired but very happy.

Alternative Latymer - Day 5

The Alternative Latymer trip headed to the Science Museum today for a 3D movie that inspired us to think big, followed by lunch in the NHM gardens, an ice cream and some time in the Wonderlab trying some hands-on experiments.


Friday, 29 June 2018

Tour du Mont Blanc - Day 5

Latymer Tour du Mont Blanc complete! 66km of trekking, with over one thousand metres climbed in elevation each day. Amazing weather and amazing attitudes on display throughout. A massive effort saw these Latymerians finish earlier than any group before.

We woke in Italy, we're now in France, soon we will be in Switzerland and we hope to be back in the UK for midnight! 

Bushcraft Survivial - Day 5

Students woke up early to clear away their tents and have a swift breakfast, ready to catch the 09:30 coach to Brighton. Once again, they showed their improved resilience, independence and proactivity in getting the job done efficiently and in effective teams.

After a lovely day in Brighton, where they were free to explore and shop with pocket money in groups, we are finally on the road back to Hammersmith. All of them are in good spirits and looking forward to seeing family and sleeping at home.

Please remember to find out about their highlights from the trip. Ask then what they have most enjoyed learning about, how they worked with friends and how they think they can apply their new skills in chasing their ambitions and pushing themselves in school. Finally, please make sure to encourage them to put themselves forward to help with cooking, washing up, making their beds, and telling you more about their skills and passions!

Thanks again to the awesome team at Really Wild Education: Mat, Steve, Nev, Abbi, Charlie, Alec and Shane.

Most of all, thanks to our wonderful Latymerians, who pushed themselves to learn new skills and develop more independent and ambitious outlooks.

Drama in Greece

Students performing Aristophanes’ ‘Lysistrata’ to young adults with learning difficulties, before a celebratory and relaxing plunge in the Aegean Sea.

Eco-Explorer - Final Day

A morning mystery solving and shopping in St Ives then off to the train station for the short 6 hr journey home. On the train and being out done by a rather loud hen party, a little shocked to say the least. Phones in hand and quiet as mice on our way home. 

Eco-Explorer Day 4

A morning on the beach, swimming and playing games, then onto the Minack Theatre for some culture, Sense and Sensibility. 
The actors did well to keep our attention given the beautiful views and wildlife! 

Gastronomic London Day 5

Enjoying Italian food cooked by students' fair hands.

Danube - Day 5

Handing back the hire bikes outside Vienna. An evening remains for us to explore the city centre.